Here at O3Y Consulting, we believe that there is a strong difference between doing work, and doing your life’s work; just as there is a difference between having a job and a career. It is the highest priority for us to provide our team members with an opportunity for a life-long career.  We believe that with the right training, environment, and mentor-ship, entrepreneurs can be developed.

We are currently hiring for our company’s renowned Management Training Program, which involves rapid growth from an entry-level position to an executive management role. Seeing as how we work for a client that offers services nationally, the need for expansion into new markets is readily available.

Account Manager: This is the ground floor of our business where training into management begins.  The initial phase of the business consists of development in the areas of face to face marketing, customer acquisition, client relations, territory and time management, and problem-solving techniques.  The purpose of beginning entry level is to learn in detail the product we represent, how to market it to our consumers and most importantly how to drive results for our clients.

Account Executive: After our team members complete the Account Executive phase, they begin to assume more leadership responsibilities in our office. In this position, a Management Trainee will actually oversee the growth and development of a marketing team of 2-10 people, all the while continuing to develop their own soft skills.

Assistant Manager: In this third phase team members will now learn the operational aspects to running a successful marketing firm, including areas of human resources, recruitment, public relations, advertising, payroll, and bookkeeping. This position works closely with the administration team to learn what keeps the office running from 9-5.

Manager: A manager now oversees a branch location on behalf of our client in markets across the United States. Our Managing Partner will continue to develop their people skills and managerial responsibilities, long after they have successfully completed their training in our Cleveland location. This constant development and growth allow them to move into a position where our client would ask them to oversee multiple offices and marketing campaigns in the future.